Const. Brad Senger,

Senger had established a reputation as a calming influence on people and
situations, possibly related to his years as a psychiatric nurse. Sgt. Lane Cooper givesthis account:
book picture 21-web“I remember one night – [Constables] Brent Kuemper and Brad were off Avenue I North; they had gone to deal with something, a brawl broke out and they became the targets. My partner and I were in the paddy wagon just a few blocks away. We were en route when another car came on the radio and said, ‘We’ll get it! We are close.’ I knew these guys; I kept going. By the time they got there, we had made sure Brent and Brad were safe and helped their arrests get into the back of the car. I turned around and tore a strip off one of the officers: ‘Don’t you ever come on the radio and tell somebody you’re close, when you’re farther away than we are and you drive like a maniac to get there!’ I was mad because they would have left Brad and Brent with a wait for back-up of from 30-seconds to a minute longer! This guy was twice my size. Brad got in between the two of us and said, ‘Lane, we’re okay.’ And I said, ‘I know you’re okay, but what happens the next time?’ He said, ‘You’ll come, you’ll ignore them, and we’ll be okay again!’ This guy that I was confronting does not back down from anybody. And Brad just kind of looked at him – well, my partner and I called Brad ‘The Cherub’ – he gets
this cherubic look on his face and the other guy backed off, went and got in his
car, and drove away. Brad defused the whole situation. He’s got that little round
face, and when he smiles, you can’t be mad!”