Larry Hartwig

Larry Hartwig is described by a fellow officer as “an eager beaver, hard
worker, a little effusive, quite religious.” In 1993, with support of other
officers, Hartwig started a Christian Police Officers group, and was involved
in a number of chaplaincy initiatives serving poor families of all races:
book picture 22-web“I took my inspiration from the apostle James, who said we are to prove our faith by our actions. I firmly believed that we demonstrate our love for God by how we treat others. This respect I applied to all created things. My personal goal was to strive daily to be the best police officer, person, husband, and father I could be, and never miss an opportunity to help others. This was a goal I took very seriously. “The role of police officer is not only immensely fulfilling, it is both heartwarming and heart-breaking, especially when you witness the harm
done to children by their own parents. It is also filled with danger and
temptation that only the most steadfast and disciplined people can resist.
Police officers put their own physical, mental, and spiritual lives on the
line every day for people who view them with suspicion, anger, hatred,
or indifference. Police officers save lives every day. They save people from
each other, but most often they save people from themselves. This is the
nature of service.”