Robert Marshall, “Politically Correct, Morally Wrong,” Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 5, 2011.

Journalist Candis McLean worked it for several years and produced an explosive documentary, When Police Become Prey, which gathered rave reviews. It explores the plight of fired Saskatoon officers Ken Munson and Dan Hatchen and their descent into hell as they entered prison as Night’s assailants, branded as monstrous racists and implicated, without evidence, in other freezing deaths. The documentary takes a sobering look at what should have been seen as a farcical case, a sub-par investigation and the witch-hunt proceedings that convicted them. ..What of fairness and what of politics when some of the simplest but most compelling evidence is overlooked or suppressed? Or when the questionable word of a hardened criminal is taken over that of two officers with exemplary records.?

Robert Marshall,?Politically Correct, Morally Wrong, Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 5, 2011.