Larry Hartwig was implicated in the 1990 freezing death of Neil Stonechild by a decade-later RCMP investigation. Here are his thoughts on that investigation:

Police officers have an obligation to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.  As soon as police officers begin to direct the evidence toward a preconceived conclusion, investigations go awry.  The RCMP had many opportunities to follow the evidence and to bring the investigation back on track, but they chose not to.  They merely wanted to establish that I was guilty of some kind of misconduct.   A good example is the statement I provided on May 18, 2000.  The officer seemed to be interested in only one thing: convincing me that I HAD encountered Neil Stonechild that night.  Although I categorically denied any wrongdoing whatsoever, the fact that I admitted to the possibility of encountering Neil that night, my statement was considered a “near confession” by the lead investigator who, within weeks, told a colleague that the ultimate goal in this case was to obtain a confession from me. (Based on the information provided to me by the RCMP officer, I concluded that Neil may well have lied about who he was.  The officer told me that the name I had in my notebook concerning this case belonged to Neil’s cousin and that I had challenged him about being Neil Stonechild.  I thought that perhaps I HAD encountered him, hadn’t recognized him, hadn’t figured out I was being lied to, and let him go without detecting the deception.  I was devastated because I thought I had failed to adequately preform my duties.)
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In response to The Star Phoenix front page article this morning

Nov 23rd Saskatoon: Author of “When Police Become Prey – The Cold Hard Facts of Neil Stonechild’s Freezing Death” presents new evidence in book..

In response to The Star Phoenix front page article this morning and the statement “[Jason] Roy, who last saw [Neil] Stonechild in the back of a police car yelling for help, said he has stopped hoping Hartwig and partner Brad Senger will take responsibility”, Author, Candis McLean released the following statement:

“This new book “When Police become Prey – The Cold Hard Facts of Neil Stonechild Freezing Death” released to bring attention to the 11th Anniversary of the Firing of Hartwig and Senger, clearly shows an abundance of evidence that Stonechild was not in the police car. These two officers did not see Neil that night. They are innocent and I – and many, many others – will not be quiet until Hartwig and Senger are completely exonerated. This news article printed this morning, is still calling for Hartwig and Senger  “to take responsibility” on the word of Jason Roy, who was 16 at the time of Neil’s tragic death, intoxicated, had a lengthy criminal record, lied to police about his name and then lied about why he lied, and did not mention seeing Stonechild in a police car in the statement he gave soon after Neil’s body was found.

I am deeply disturbed about the legal processes that have gone on in my home province, and detail my concerns in the book. THIS WAS A COMPLETE TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE. In my book I show how the marks on Stonechild’s hand could not have been caused by a handcuff, I expose actions by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations to influence the RCMP, I detail interviews with witnesses with evidence exculpatory to the police who should have been called to the public inquiry, but were not. The information I have discovered is alarming. I have spent 10 years researching and obtaining documents under access to information legislation. A complete reinvestigation BY AN INDEPENDENT PARTY is required. I have a petition on my website, in which I hope to gather enough signatures to get the government to act.”

In response to Roy’s statement in The Star Phoenix this morning “If… [Hartwig and Senger] won’t do that…[take responsibility] then just be quiet. Let us move on” McLean asked, “why are people so frightened to read the evidence in this new book?  Why do the activists want to point the blame at these two men when this evidence clearly shows they are not responsible?  Pathologist Dr. Adolph designated the date of Stonechild’s death as November 27th.  The activists claim the date of Neil Stonechild’s death was November 25th. What do these activists know that the pathologist did not?

The Book Launch will still be going ahead at a new location to mark the 11th anniversary of the Firing of Hartwig and Senger at:

Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans Club
359 1st Ave North, Saskatoon
7pm Wednesday November 25th

All are welcome.

The press conference will still be going ahead 11am Tuesday 24th November and can be listened to live online at:

The E-book may be downloaded immediately from

For Press interviews Candis McLean is presently in Saskatoon and can be contacted directly at 403-618-1319

Press Release Nov. 12, 2015


“This is the true story of a house of cards the size of a city. Built lie upon lie, this house contains multiple horrors, which makes opening each door intriguing in a disturbing sort of way. All it will take now is the collapse of one card to set the entire fabrication toppling.” – Candis McLean

Saskatoon Police Constable Larry Hartwig and his partner, Const. Brad Senger, were victims of “politically correct justice” built upon faulty RCMP investigations, questionable evidence, and  political pressure to find a patsy for  the tragic death of Neil Stonechild on 25 November 1990.

In a new book, WHEN POLICE BECOME PREY:  THE COLD HARD FACTS OF NEIL STONECHILD’S FREEZING DEATH, Hartwig speaks out for the first time on the legal processes and practices that shattered his reputation and destroyed a 16 year career devoted to protecting the public.

WHEN POLICE BECOME PREY contains remarkable new material, obtained through Freedom of Information requests and diligent research that:

  • Reveals behind the scenes pressure by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations on both the RCMP and Saskatchewan Justice System
  • Details a tunnel-vision investigation by RCMP
  • Brings to light never-before -revealed physical evidence; and
  • Provides testimony by four key witnesses excluded from the Stonechild Inquiry

Most importantly, WHEN POLICE BECOME PREY provides an opportunity for Hartwig, in his own words, to explain what transpired leading up to his wrongful firing, and the enormous impact his being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness had on his life, health and career.

Larry Hartwig, author Candis McLean, and retired police officers who worked for years to prove the officers’ innocence, are holding a press conference at 10 a.m. Tuesday November 24th at the Kelsey Room in the Delta Bessborough, in advance of its launch the following day at McNally Robinson bookstore.

For more information on the book, see

What: Launch of new book revealing new evidence exonerating two fired Saskatoon police officers
Where: Bessborough Hotel’s Kelsey Room (up elevator to level C, and then turn right).
When: 10 a.m. Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015.

Copies of the book will be available at the press conference. To reserve yours, please email:

Bronwyn Eyre, “Starlight tour documentary raises questions,” Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Jan 29 2011

“Detail by detail, interview by interview, McLean builds an arresting defence, complete with new evidence and testimony on several fronts. A signal example is a profanity-laced 911 call from Night that was not allowed into evidence at the trial. Had it been, the two police officers might well have been exonerated.”

Bronwyn Eyre, “Starlight tour documentary raises questions,” Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Jan 29 2011, A2.